Pure Fruit

The Pure Fruit range is at the heart of our creation. Each Couverture contains 4 ingredients only: cocoa butter, the nut/grain, sugar and sunflower lecithin.


It consists of 3 different flavours: Hazelnut (France), Coconut (Philippines) and Sesame (India). 

According to seasons and availabilty, the range offers limited editions of rare products like pistachio (Iran) and Pine-nut (Russia).`


The Coffee Couverture

Fermented – dried – roasted… Just like cocoa, coffee offers a unique and rich flavor universe. However, in pastry coffee is still mostly used in an industrial way.


In collaboration with « EXTRAIT » Coffee Roasters, the Linnolat Coffee Couverture was born. Thanks to its precise balance of cocoa butter, you can now use coffee like a chocolate couverture.


We invite you to enjoy the finesse of our selected, carefully roasted coffee beans for your next recipe: mousse, ganache, bonbon or any other chocolate-based element.

The Intensity range goes a step further in the imagination of our products. This new range honors pastry's most popular flavours, and introduces them in a couverture form. Starting with coffee, it holds in many surprises to be discovered soon...

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