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Engaged Innovation

Linnolat was born as out of a sustainable project: Give a second life to the defatted residues of nuts and grains, following oil production. With the addition of cocoa butter and sugar, we transform them into new pastry couvertures, carrying the intense flavour of the initial ingredients.

Used by high-end chefs, the Linnolat Couvertures offer new possibilities in pastry and chocolatrey. Purely based on cocoa butter, they are manipulated exactly like classic chocolate to become bonbons, cakes, or plated desserts. 


Our profound knowing of cocoa butter let's us make a couverture out of every ingredient (or almost every ingredient!)

Following your inspiration, we invite ​you to create your own Signature Couverture.

Discover more about our know-how in the video:

Daniel Becker, Founder

It was during his studies at the Paul Bocuse Institute in Lyon, that Daniel Becker was intrigued by the numerous attributes of nuts and grains.

A sworn fan of chocolate, he comes up with the idea to align the texture and finesse of chocolate, with the flavour of other quality ingredients.

Graduated from the Paul Bocuse Institute, and expert in the sciences of cooking, he starts a long R&D process, fascinating and delicious at one. 

After more than 3 years, Linnolat became a reality, with the ambition to accompany chefs in their creativity and innovation process, and open a door to a new world of culinary delights.

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