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Pure Fruit

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The Pure Fruit range is at the heart of our creation. Each Couverture contains 4-5 ingredients only: cocoa butter, the nut, sugar, vanilla and sunflower lecithin.


It consists of 3 different flavours: Hazelnut (France), Coconut (Philippines/Sri Lanka) and White Almond (Spain/USA). 

According to seasons and availability, the range offers limited editions of rare products like pistachio and pine-nut.`


The Intensity Range honors two of the most beloved pastry ingredients: Coffee and Salted Caramel.  Use both flavours in infinite number of applications like enrobing, molding and decoration, but also for flavouring and texturizing emulsions. Put your creative touch to reinterpret pastry's grands classics.

We source the finest ingredients with passion and care, so you can have the greatest flavors for you creations. 

Ask for the full catalogue

and discover our range of pralinés and other specialty ingredients

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Chocolate & Co
PNG  White 38% FR.png
PNG  MLK 45% FR.jpg

Looking for a plant-based alternative for milk and white chocolates ? We are thrilled to bring you these two classics of the chocolate world. MLK 45% and White 38% offer the same roundness and creaminess, while being a sustainable alternative for dairy-based chocolates.  

You can use MLK 45% and White 38% for any classic application: enrobing, molding, decoration, ganache, mousse etc.

You will be surprised discovering the pure flavor these two couvertures allow when mixed with other ingredients (compared to milk-powder-based preparations), while still providing the desired round flavour and mouthfeel. 

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